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, Directeur technique de Take Part Media
Initially published on Thursday 16 July 2015
TAKE PART MEDIA is the leading independent media producer for brands in France. Located in the heart of Paris, our aim is to design, develop and bring to life editorial platforms on behalf of brands. Our mission is to capture the reader's attention via a range of innovative formats, and transfer this to the brand's content. Since its creation, TAKE PART MEDIA has launched and operated over 60 media platforms.
The agency has all the skills required for conceiving and realising media platforms. With in-house experts ranging from journalists to artistic directors, we can manage the creation of media tools from A to Z. We have nearly 10,000 contributors in 35 countries.
Today, every brand has the potential to become a media platform. We are constantly developing new formats for our customers and operating across all online media formats, with the goal to develop, engage and retain the target communities of our customers.
No more top-down communication - today it's all about taking an editor's approach: capture attention, interest your audience each day, and generate debate. We create events using strong and entertaining content, including video interviews, reports, forums, motion design, live illustrations, curation, data journalism, animation of social networks, and hosting round tables. Our range of content is broad, as is the variety of platforms on which we present it (from single pages, to a fully integrated approach, scrolling websites, parallax, responsive design, etc.)
Some of our platforms are published in partner supplements in major media in France and abroad, such as LeMonde.fr, LesEchos.fr, LeFigaro.fr, FT.com, or within BBC.com. We are also present on specialised media platforms such as Emarketing.fr. These types of partnerships ensure our clients the brand guarantee ("in partnership with") and the generation of additional traffic (marketing plan).
- Top Com d'Or 2014 for the operation "The first 100 days of a leader" (Deloitte / LesEchos.fr)
- Silver Medal at Brand Content 2014 Awards for "The Keys to Tomorrow" campaign (IBM / LeMonde.fr)
- Mention in Grand Prix Strategies Brand Content 2013 "The first 100 days of a leader" (Deloitte / LesEchos.fr)
Total, IBM, Capgemini, Deloitte, AXA, ING Direct, HSBC, BNPP, SFR, Renault, BMW, Volkswagen, Hyatt, Mercury, Yves Saint Laurent, L'Occitane en Provence, OT Switzerland, OT Marrakech, etc.
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